Dutch Walk & Talk has more than 15 years of experience in presenting various programs for international cruise ships visiting the harbours in the area Holland above Amsterdam. The harbours of Hoorn, Enkhuizen, Medemblik are a perfect location to start your day with the guests.

I present various items such as:

  • Presentations on board on topics such as:
  • Tulip time – Modern Holland – The Royals of the Netherlands - Drommedaris
  • Guiding tours Enkhuizen, Hoorn or Medemblik
  •  A visit in Enkhuizen combined with a presentation at St. Pancraskerk
  •  The Ultimate Dutch Experience: home visit with a local family in Enkhuizen

Nautical Enkhuizen

Thematic visits for groups in Enkhuizen; Enkhuizen is a harbour town with a nautical history that can be told, and the only Nautical Academy in the world.

After meeting with your guide you will take a groups visit to Kaatje, the sail training vessel placed in the garden (!) of the Nautical Academy in Enkhuizen.

A short impression on seamen’s life and education gives you an idea what nautical education means nowadays.

Naturally you will learn how to hoist a sail, the meaning and working of a compass, and how to make a few good basic seamen’s knots.

And off course a groups photo on Kaatje together with the captain!

This trip is starting with a guiding tour through town with special attention to harbours and ships


  • Herring and genever tasting on Kaatje
  • Visit to the medieval library at the Western church
  • Explore, learn and taste: all about salmon smoking at “Smoking”
  • Towns Rarities: Malicious Kate is looking for men to contract on East Indian Company (living history)

Towers and chimes of Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen: town with towers and bells. All about bell towers, defending ramparts, fishermen and harbours. You start with a visit at the Drommedaris: the oldest defending tower with its defending rampart. You will see how 24 chimes become a music instruments, whereas the carillon is a hot political item today. On you go with your guide along the most serene and original part of Enkhuizen; Het Suud (fisherman’s area). You will end at the Zuiderkerk, in the middle of town centre.


  • Cultural historical presentation in the church on the oldest barrel vaulted ceiling with its paintings from the bible explained, organ and restoration. Live organ play.
  • Coffee and Enkhuizer raisin bread in the church
  • Town Rarities: meet and Greet with Stingy Agatha, who is buried in the church (living history)

B(l)ooming trade in Enkhuizen

 Enkhuizen: from peat garden to Seed valley. Topics on growth and economic welfare of the town according to “Seed valley”. Your guide travels through time during the walking tour of Enkhuizen. You are taken to the medieval rampart, which still lies around town all through the ages. You will visit the medieval jail with its original oak wooden cells.


  • A visit to the medieval Weighing House
  • A presentation on modern way of seed cultivation on location
  • A tasting of an Enkhuizer speciality: local raisin bread with a good cup of coffee

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